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Making your Doctoral Dissertation Available Online(Japanese / English
It is a summary of the dissemination online of doctoral dissertation and the check points before submitting it for doctoral students.

"University of Tsukuba Open Access Policy" has been adopted
University of Tsukuba Open Access Policy has been adopted to accumulate comprehensively the fruits of its faculty research generated at the university, to improve visibility of the university, and to contribute to society and progression of academic research.
Due to this policy, research results generated at the university will be registered in “University of Tsukuba Research Institutional Repository,” and publically available on the internet.

University of Tsukuba Open Access Policy

E-mail report of access statistics
We send e-mails about numbers of accesses and download, titled “利用統計レポート.”
If you don’t want to receive those e-mails, please make a reply titled “ダウンロード件数メール不要”. We will stop sending e-mails.
If you have any questions, please ask .

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